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My 11 things
Just 11 things
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21st-May-2010 11:03 am - Friends Only
Girls looking out
I know a lot of people are wondering where are her posts?  

Most (but not all) of my journal has become friend only..  If you want to read you will need to set up an account ( it's free)...  Comment to this  with your LJ name and I'll add you to my list.. 


Friends only!
30th-Jul-2008 10:19 pm - Silly dog photos
greyhound wag

My little sister came for a visit from Boston this week.  We went to SuperWalmart late on night..  We saw some dog outfits...   hehe..  


and Ms Desi!

5th-Jul-2008 09:24 am - Things that make you remember
Girls looking out

I had a very good friend that passed away suddenly of an undignosed heart defect @ 25 years old.   I read this article in today's Boston Globe.  Her favorite bar got a facelift...  She loved to go sing Karaoke there....   It's been 15 years... I miss her lots!  She would have loves the "upgrade" and the new salsas!   Ohhh Chrissy!  How I miss you!


17th-May-2008 08:49 pm - House update
Girls looking out
 Looks like the house is a go!  We had an inspection on friday.  Now we close in three weeks.  I'm going to try and post some picks now..
23rd-Feb-2008 08:46 am(no subject)
Girls looking out

New Camera!  I just got a new Camera.. I'm excited to start using it.  A Nikon D40x..  Nikon is running a class the 1st week in April.. I may go take the class for the day!    I'm going to take some test photos of the "girls" today!




2nd-Aug-2007 11:31 pm - This Job search SUCKS
Girls looking out

Ok..  You go and meet with someone. They say they are going to get back to you the next day.. They Don't.. You call them and they answer.. Tell you they are busy right that second and they will call you back..   Hummmm... No call... I'm just waiting... THis SUCKS!

4th-Jul-2007 07:29 pm - I'm home! Happy 4th!
The Girls
I'm Home..  We just go in from Turks and Caicos...  As always it was beautiful there.. The water is the nicest I've ever seen.  We got in too late today to pick up the girls from the kennel... So I'll go get them 1st thing tomorrow morning. 

Happy 4th..
4th-Jun-2007 11:14 pm - New Fun things.... Bento Box Meals
Girls looking out
Ok..  So as I was being nosey the other day... I was looking through wombatgirl 's  site.    She had these great pics of these Bento Box meals she made.  I love to try new things when I have friends over...   and does this not look like a great  idea.  

2nd-Jun-2007 11:37 pm - Lets hope for
Girls looking out

No rain Sunday AM... I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!

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